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Transparencing is the sequencing of events into a meaningful moment of awareness encompassing the present past and future.


Let's look at the analogy of a railway setup for further explanation purposes:



Our railway line will consist of Trains, Tracks and Sleepers.



Our entire journey from the beginning to the end of the universe will cover a distance of one thousand kilometers representing the duration of the universe. A train itself will be one Kilometer long to represent one Conscious Moment in time playing of at the conscious level. Individual railway tracks will each be one hundred meters long representing individual Subconscious Moments in time. These tracks in turn is supported by sleepers at one meter increments, wile each sleeper distance will represent a single moment in time, or a single atomic second for that matter.



Let’s recap on the Data:


Railway line = One thousand kilometers: = Duration of Universe.


Train = One kilometer: = Duration of One Consciously Perceived Moment.


Track = One hundred meters: = Duration of One Subconsciously Perceived Moment.


Sleepers = at one meter increments: = Duration of One Single Moment in time “One Atomic Second”


(Atomic second: The time it takes an electron to spin around the nucleus of a Hydrogen atom.)




As such there would be:


One million sleepers from beginning to end of the track-universe: = One million single moments in time: = One million Atomic Seconds.


This equally distanced amount of sleepers can support:


Ten thousand tracks of 100 hundred meters each: = Ten thousand Subconscious moments


In turn capable of supporting:


One thousand trains: = One thousand Conscious moments.


In turn each individual train is being supported by:


Ten tracks: = Ten Subconscious moments.


Each supported on:


One hundred sleepers: = One hundred single moments in time: = One hundred Atomic Seconds.


From the perspective of the time frame of:


Observer at Sleeper level: Universe = One million moments long.


Observer at Track level:    Universe = Ten thousand moments long


Observer at Train level:     Universe = One thousand moments long



For an observer watching from Sleeper level the universe will feel as if it is lasting a hundred times longer than being observed from track level, but a thousand times longer than observed from Train level.



On the other hand observing from Train level will feel 100 times shorter in comparison being observed from Track level, but a thousand times shorter in comparison being observed from Sleeper level.



Let’s assume that we now only have one Train running on this 1000 kilometer line.


As the train moves across the tracks it will always cover ten complete tracks, meaning that one perceived moment at conscious level will always contain ten subconscious moments.


The moment it crosses over the first sleeper of the next track it will leave behind the last sleeper of the last track, meaning that a new subconscious moment will always start entering the next boundaries of the next track (conscious mind), at the same time leaving behind the oldest (subconscious moment) or track.


From the perspective of the train it can look at ten different tracks as if having capabilities of forwarding and rewinding views of the tracks under it hence transparencing. This means that the conscious mind (train) is capable of both present and past moments (tracks) although only for a very short time span, until the oldest subconscious moments (track) are left behind, no longer in view of the conscious mind (train).


From the tracks (subconscious minds) point of view, looking at the train (conscious mind) will feel like the train (conscious mind) is moving ten times slower.


This means that subconsciously each of the ten subconscious moments contained in the conscious mind and being ten times faster can each count up to ten, giving a total of hundred with the conscious mind only being able to count to one during that time. This gives us, a one to hundred ratio, in favor of the subconscious versus conscious mind.


At the level of the Conscious Mind - Individual Perceived Moments in Time, which exists at Subconscious Level, can be replayed. But only for the duration of the time-frame of the Conscious minds level. The conscious mind treats the sequence of subconscious moments on the basis of - "First In - First Out".


If we look at the duration of a day in the mind of a human, then it’s quite different from the viewpoint of other life species. In fact, there is a huge time difference from species to species as to how they perceive time (length of a day). If we look at how long we perceive a day to be in relation to our awareness of time, then a day is being perceived as being much longer through the eyes of a bird, cat, snake etc. Have you ever noticed how fast a bird navigates its way through the branches of a tree without ever hitting one? The only possible means is by having a much faster reaction time, which equates to this bird perceiving a moment in time as being much longer than ours. If a human could fly a bird via remote control, he would have absolutely no chance of “ducking and diving” those branches, try as hard as he may, inevitably injuring this bird.


Let’s look at it from another viewpoint. When looking at a movie, humans will probably see the movie as one smooth action from about 25 frames per second and faster. I stand to be corrected. From a birds view it will take much more frames per second to be seen as one continuous movement, meaning that a bird captures much more moments in time than we do, which will make it extremely aware of the blanks in between only twenty five frames. If one could device a way of testing different species relating to time frames, then we could work out exactly how much longer they would perceive a day to be. This would probably also be in relation to their reaction times. This means that the more moments in time we perceive the longer thinking time we have, but yet all of this existing in the same time frame of space and matter within the constraints of time. The more thinking time within a set duration of time the less the complexities of those thoughts, where the less thinking time within a set duration the more complex those thoughts can be. This is the very essence behind our perceptions that time is fleeting as the years go by. Parallel thinking is also part and parcel of our awareness, but I will not touch on that for now as this is where we enter the unification of consciousness on a higher level from down below.


As for elephants we all know that they possess extremely good memories. Despite elephants getting as old as they do, a day would more than likely be much shorter than from a human’s perspective. For flies on the other hand, a single day must feel like days on end, or even longer in relation to our perceptions. 


The more intelligent humans become, the shorter our perceptions of the length of a day will become. All of us are aware of the phenomena that the older we get, the faster hours, days, weeks and months go by. This is no illusion of ours, but the realities of our existence and as such we should realize that this is no longer a phenomena but a fact.


This is exactly where the huge discrepancies between evolutionists and creationists come in. We should take serious note of the fact that scientists base their research on most of what they do at atomic level. Like for example the dating of rocks etc… by making use of specific dating means. Scientist’s belief’s that we live at the rate of the universe, which is correct, but what they don’t realize is that our conscious minds are working at a much slower rate due to the fact that we are governed by our subconscious minds enabling us to perceive long durations of time only as spurs of the moment. It’s because of this very fact that scientists are constantly totally confused as to why most of there research just won’t add up to what they expect us to see. As such they continuously look for excuses to make up new logic, enabling them to justify their findings. My discovery, once it’s being fully understood, will open up new doorways, making us realize that things like space travel for example is a waste of valuable time. At the same time we will realize what matters most as we will now realize where we are headed. It’s like your left and right arms trying to change sides which would serve no purpose at all.



All the proof of this fact is out there if we would only care to look and accept the realities.



There are thousands of misplaced artifacts which are now being hidden for a lack of understanding avoiding embarrassment.



Sirius changing from a red dwarf to a white star, not over millions of years as scientists predicted, but in mere thousands of years.



Come on people! Let’s stop fighting the truth and take this matter about the realities of our existence seriously.



I haven’t even touched on the spiritual world which has nothing to do with religion, other than being the real essence of our existence.