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Sleep paralysis.

This is only one of many of the mysteries we have to deal with on a day to day basis.

Sleep-Paralysis is experienced when the Transitional-Gates is left open between the Subconscious and Conscious mind even if only for a split second. 

Sleep paralysis is as old as humanity itself and until this day no radical explanation that truly makes sense encompassing the truth has been found other than speculations, speculations especially from the scientific community and those entertaining themselves with the mystical worlds.

Please allow me to eradicate once and for all, all of the mysteries and falsified believes of phenomenon’s experienced during sleep paralysis and help you to actually enjoy those moments unchained from fear simply by understanding the truth.

Many, if not most of us, experiencing sleep paralysis, believe to be seeing ghostly figures and demons entering our rooms, moving across our path of vision and even sitting on top of our beds or chests choking us. 
Some of us might experience pressure on our chests rendering us incapable of breathing.
Some of us might experience unearthly low vibrational noises believing it to be coming from the demon world and the list goes on and on. 

I will explain all of these but first we need to get a general understanding relating to the realities of our existence.

During certain stages of sleep, but especially during REM sleep, our motoric functions are shut down to prevent us from performing compulsive actions and as such running the risk of injuring ourselves and our sleeping partners. It’s like putting your motor vehicle into park which in this case is the ability of the subconscious mind to disable your physical self. It’s only during a stage of sleep that our subconscious minds get the time to perform vital tasks for various logical reasons. This is the only time “with the exception of deep meditation” that the subconscious no longer needs to create the illusion of a holographic projection of our realities. As such this is also the only time where our consciousness is present in the real moment. These vital tasks at hand can now be performed at extremely fast rates saving precious time. 

The true reality behind our real level of existence is of such a complicated nature that we cannot experience what we do without being protected from the truth. All of the various functionalities of the mind responsible for editing the raw data received from all of the senses captured from the environment of our real subconscious level of existence are performed at an extremely fast rate. Then, and only then, but on a strictly need to know basis are a very small portion of the edited data being slowed down and stretched out and passed on to our level of conscious awareness. This is done via the transitional gates which we then get to experience as our perceived realities. Being able to manipulate these gateways is what enables Savants for example to do what they are capable of doing and also the very reason behind autism still not understood until this day. 

Transitional gates are the actual gateways between the subconscious and conscious levels functioning at different levels of time encapsulation protecting us from our true realities. It’s extremely important to keep in mind that at the subconscious level where we interact with the environment in the real moment, we get to do so at a snails pace but more like a snail on a slow strike. It’s only by means of manipulating our perceptions of time and then imposing it on our consciousness self that the subconscious mind is capable of projecting our perceived realities by means of a holographic illusion which we experience six seconds later. 

When the transitional gate is left open even for a split second our conscious self will experience time at the extremely fast rate of the subconscious allowing us to experience our surroundings literally suspended in time during a state of sleep. Our subconscious minds are responsible for gradually opening and closing the transitional gates between the conscious and subconscious levels over duration of about six seconds but when done too fast it will put you into a different level of reality too fast. This then gives us a bird’s view from the subconscious mind through the conscious mind, making us acutely aware of the restraints of movement imposed on our awareness of our realities. 

From the conscious level now being caught up in the subconscious level of our real existence where our subconscious minds work much faster will make you acutely aware of the limitations of all of your body movements. Even if the transitional gate is left open for a mere split second or two exposing the conscious level to that of the subconscious will get you entrapped at the subconscious level giving the impression of a very long duration of time.. This will render you capable of viewing, hearing and feeling the actual real world hence whatever happens to cross your path of vision or what you hear or feel during that moment. By being aware of your inability to move for perceiving what you believe to be at real time, will make you experience the total motionless moment of your heart, breathing etc… Although everything remains exactly as it were, you will not be aware of it, giving you a feeling of pressure on the chest, breathlessness etc…
In Fact; the speed of light would be perceived to be moving at a much slower rate during any moment of sleep paralysis now caught up in the time frame of the subconscious level of our existence. 

Let us now look at what we get to experience during a moment of sleep paralysis and why.

Ghostly figures or falsely perceived demons – Eye Floaters;
I’m sure most of us have eye floaters which are nothing more than small moving spots inside our eyes crossing our field of vision. Eye spotters are more noticeable when looking at something bright such as the sky or a light colored wall. If you have a particular large eye floater it will certainly show up in your sight of vision during sleep paralysis. Keep in mind that with the transitional gate being left open and your conscious awareness now being caught up at the subconscious level of time perception you would experience these floaters to be crossing your path of vision at an extremely slow rate. Even shadows created by light sources passing by would be crawling extremely slowly across the wall of your room crating the illusion of demons as would the movement of your curtains in a breeze entering through your window only to mention a few. By knowing this you should during your next session of sleep paralysis concentrate on enjoying the moment realizing that it certainly is no ghost, demon or anything else but rather your perception of time being extremely slow. 

Ghostly sounds – being nothing more than a sound like a voice being slowed down;
Keep in mind that when you get to experience time from a different reality hence being caught up at the subconscious level, all voices or sounds for that matter will also be slowed down and dragged out. Most if not all of us that get to hear these ghostly voices also at the end of such a session get to experience a sound that picks up in momentum as we exit from sleep paralysis. This is the equivalent of a sound all dragged out now being accelerated until it reaches a normal level or frequency. Next time take note of this reality and also get to enjoy the moment by means of now knowing the truth.

Not able to move – giving the impression of being paralyzed.
If you took a very high speed video recording of a man swatting a fly for example and then played it back in slow motion you would barely see his arm moving unless you took the time to see the slow progression of his movement through space and time. Our parts of the brain responsible for signaling our body movements do it at such a rate as to coincide within the constraints of our physical abilities. Being caught up in a different level of reality hence the subconscious level during sleep paralysis these signals are way too fast and as such discarded for our bodies still being paralyzed as if in a state of dream. Without being paralyzed and the transitional gates then being left open these signals will ultimately result in seizures because too many conflicting signals would be coming in way too fast.  

Pressure on the chest – and a feeling of being unable to breath;
By being aware of your inability to move during sleep paralysis for perceiving what you believe to be happening at real time will also make you experience the total motionless moments of your heart, breathing etc… as a result of being caught up in different perceptions of time
In the same way that a voice recording being slowed down would give you an unearthly sound the duration between heart beats would also be perceived to be extremely slow as well as the beat itself giving you the impression of a heart that has stopped as well as making you acutely aware of a pressurized environment pushing down on you hence our biosphere only to be exaggerated by floaters in the eyes. The same applies for your rate of breathing. 

During Sleep Paralysis it’s as if the world has literally frozen up except in your mind. If you had to remain in this state of awareness, your mind would mentally grow old; while you’re physical body remains young in the moment of reality. Although everything remains exactly as it were, you will be aware of a feeling of pressure on the chest, breathlessness, unearthly noises, ghostly visions etc… 

This is the truth behind the true realities of our existence protecting us from the realities of the subconscious world. The true level of our existence is meant to be experienced only by the subconscious and only then on a strictly need to know basis revealed to us but only six seconds later. This six second delay is also what causes the illusion of Déjà Vu for example which I will cover in other postings. 

Due to the very complex nature of our existence we can only get to experience what we perceive to be our realities approximately six second later by means of a holographic illusion actually being nothing more than a replay of what is now a memory. This can only be accomplished by Transparencing of sequences of events into meaningful moments of awareness encompassing the present past and future all encapsulated over duration of about 6 seconds giving us a feeling of the flow of time. The future is in fact nothing more than the real moment of occurrence of our physical existence only to be experienced in the past hence six seconds later which we falsely get to experience as the real moment of our realities.