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Experiencing replays of previous life events during a life threatening situation.


We so often hear about people claiming to have seen their lives flashing before their very eyes during a life threatening situation.  This is not a phenomenon as perceived by people, but in reality stored events coming back to you at an accelerated rate of time playing of at the subconscious level. With your subconscious mind analyzing all of the relevant data received of impending disaster and being way faster than your conscious mind, it realizes what is about to happen to you. Being aware of the restraints imposed on your body and your limited conscious awareness it realizes that there is not much that it can do to save you. To make what may very well be your last moments easier for you; your subconscious mind now totally releases the time constraint that it has imposed on your conscious mind. It then releases pleasant memories on to your conscious awareness enabling you to relive long-lasting memories in split seconds.

This process removes the fear factor from the situation, making fear irrelevant for the moment, as real life will now literally be frozen up in time while all along you get to experience replays of your life.  The conscious and subconscious minds are now synchronized. At this point your subconscious mind releases adrenaline into your body to increase muscle strength and speed while at the same time taking over complete control of your body movements. This allows your subconscious mind now being in total control to take the relevant evasive actions leaving your conscious awareness only to experience replays of the past. This is to make use of every possible way to try and prevent the catastrophe about to happen or at least taking you through the whole ordeal in the best possible way. It’s also for this very reason that it’s sometimes almost impossible to imagine how someone could have survived a horrific incident. Most serious accident victims can almost without exception not account for their actions during this time. This is due to the fact that at a conscious level they were no longer in control simply because the subconscious mind has taken over control during those last moments. It’s almost like going into auto pilot oblivious of what is happening at the conscious level.