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Levels of Conscious Awareness:


I had to dub some of my own words to enable me to explsin this theory in a meaningful way.

Specific levels of awareness being referred to as consciousness can only exist within specific boundaries or layers of a SPHERION.



A sphere consisting of progressive layers of spheres integrated like the layers of an onion, ranging from the alpha to the omega and when sliced in two would appear like the year rings on a tree revealing all of the levels. As such a spherion will range from the micro way below the Planck level up to the macro level of the universe encapsulating all that exists and beyond.


**** Note:


In Feng Shui as in Chinese medicine CHI is the term for the universal energy hence the energy that permeates everything around us.


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This symbol is a perfect example of not only representing the concentration of energy but ultimately representing wisdom, for it’s only through wisdom that it can be used either towards the benefit or detriment of man depending on the circumstances. 


I will use the symbolic sign of Chi to represent a new meaning which I will dub Chirion containing both energy and consciousness fused into one.



It’s the level of containment of a sphere, consisting of nothing less than the total sum of all the sub levels starting of from the level in question.



It’s the level of sequencing “moments of time” into the construction of a single subconscious moment. In the case of humans it’s like viewing the construction, step by step of the development of one fleeting moment of one slide of a movie coming to realization within a very limited duration of time.




A moment of consciousness is the level of finality at which any and all forms of life get to perceive a single conscious moment. In the case of humans it’s like viewing only one fleeting moment of one slide of a movie within a very limited duration and hence will be completely lost to comprehension making him no more than an automated android



Great care should be taken as to not confuse a moment of consciousness with a moment of conscious awareness.


A moment of conscious awareness is the fleeting of sequential moments of consciousness and as such allow for a moment to last over a specific duration of time without the need of unification. This can be beautifully understood by looking at the flicker fusion rate of species. It’s also this flicker fusion rate being nothing more than individual moments of consciousness that’s getting mixed up creating the illusion of Déjà vu. Déjà vu can be seen as subliminal messaging which is nothing more than data jumping the queue.

But then even a moment of conscious awareness can only last so long before eventually being discarded for a new moment becoming a memory itself.



Transparencing is the sequencing of events into a meaningful moment of awareness encompassing the present past and future. The present past and future would be like three separate but yet overlapping moments of conscious awareness hence the “Seal of Solomon”

This bold statement would certainly need some clarification, after all how could it be possible to comprehend the past present and future into one moment?


Under “A Moment in Time” we have already established that time cannot be changed in any way or form other than the manipulation of an awareness thereof. As such to uphold these rules we have to accept unconditionally that by no means can we revisit the past or jump to the future for that matter.

But yet, since we cannot foresee the future then how can the above statement be true.

The only logically and viable conclusion would be that to experience the future in a meaningful way we would have to live in the shadows of the past. But then this would be equally impossible, for how can we possibly be living in the past if we were to uphold our new rules relating to time.

The reality of this statement is that we get to live our life by no other means than that of a holographic illusion. The real moments of impact or occurrences of our existence plays of at the subconscious level which is only revealed to us at our conscious level of awareness by means of a delayed holographic illusion.


I cover this in detail under “The Realities of Our holographic Existence”.


PLEASE don’t go there before having finished studying the relevant pages preceding that section.


At any level of consciousness, that level of consciousness in question can only be accomplished once a specific duration of work was performed and then uphold by repeating itself.


To define the completion of a unit of work performed at any level hence a Chirion we will need to measure it against the duration it would take a single photon to travel a very specific distance. This distance would be nothing less than the circumference of the Chirion in question. As such it can be measured as the distance and duration it took the photon to travel exactly one time around the circumference of the Chirion contained within the boundaries of the Spherion.


Keep in mind that a Spherion represents the different layers of the sphere where a Chirion represents the combined energy and consciousness contained within the Spherion in question including all inner Spherion layers. As such a Chirion at any level would consist of all Chirions within its very own boundaries.


No matter how large or small the circumference of the Spherion becomes, the photon will always maintain a constant speed around the circumference hence the speed of light. This would mean that a photon will take twice as long to travel around the circumference of two meters than around a circumference of one meter.




A Iluniasion is the creation of an illusion that time have lasted for the same duration, irrespective of  the distance traveled by the photon around the circumference now matter how high up or low down you are on the level of a Spherion,. As such a Lunion is no more than the perceived duration of the end product of a Chirion achieved by means of encapsulation. As such, the Iluniasion of an atomic moment at atomic level despite of it occurring far slower than a trillionth of a second would be perceived to be lasting of the exact same duration as an Iluniasion of a human second or the Iluniasion of the solar system.



The only real moment of reality. A Lunia is the lowest level of Iluniasion possible at atomic level which would also represent the smallest moment of reality.


Serious note should be taken that the amount of energy and unified consciousness hence the Iluniasion of a Chirion at the level of the universe would contain all of the combined Iluniasions at atomic level.

Now for something even more important to understand!


At the very basic level of the atomic world it would take an infinitely amount of successive Illuniasions of Spherions hence the sequencing of the “perceptions of moments of consciousness” to complete one cycle of the universe hence one completion of the so called Big Bang from the beginning to the very end.


But yet, at the outer boundary of the observable universe it is only possible for one Iluniasion to exist, containing all that ever was into one single moment of unified consciousness and energy which I will dub Unichi the host of all Chirions.


“UNICHI” is the ultimate level that can be achieved entailing the alpha and the omega, into only one moment of awareness, but yet only one thought in the mind of GOD. This statement is purely meant to help those that so wish to grasp the significance of the unlimited power of God.



The sequencing of durations of Big Bangs contained within the loop of eternity.

We could compare the universe to an upside down cone filled to the brim with Ilunions, almost like filling up a pyramid except for not being a cone. An upside down Pyramid would have been the perfect example representing the alpha and the omega representing it all. Looking at a Pyramid from the bottom up is the perfect example of our all levels of consciousness transgressing across the levels all the way up the ultimate level of consciousness.


Let’s briefly recap on some of the above

The distance a photon travels around the circumference of a sphere no matter how short or how long, it will always create the illusion from within that level, that it took the same duration to complete a single orbit. As such the unification of time or rather the creation of the duration of awareness will always feel the same.


Assuming that a photon travels a distance of one meter around the circumference of level one or two meters along the circumference of level two or four meters across the circumference of level three or eight meters along the circumference of level four. To an inside observer it would feel as if it has taken him the same time to observer the completion of any one rotation despite it having occurred over longer periods of time as he progresses up the levels. As the perception of time is decreased to feel of the same duration at each successive level the substance contained across the levels will increase fourfold.


Here is one of the most important lessons you can ever learn no matter how primitive or advanced the specie for it will always hold true.

Each and every being, every living organism, without exception is caught up and contained within the constraints of a very specific level that necessitates the survival and the integrity of the conscious awareness of the entity. Autism, seizures, sleep paralysis, dreams and many more displaced realities is the perfect example of being caught up on the wrong side of a level, hence the mind of the entity being encapsulated within the wrong Chirion experiencing the Iluniasion of a different level. The subjects in question literally becomes “Prisoners of their own minds”.


It’s inevitable that through the mind of an observer, bound within the constraint of his very own specific level of consciousness would experience his environment to have passed twice as slow when he gets caught up within the constraints of a preceding level. The further down the level that the observers mind gets entangled the more severe and dramatic his experience would become.


This is exactly what happens when a person experiences Sleep Paralysis. The air surrounding him is experienced as being denser with his heart feeling as if it has stopped. This would give him the sensation of someone or something sitting on his chest. It’s also when exceeding the lower boundaries of your constraints that cause you to experience long durations during car accidents, falling of buildings and the list goes on and on.


The exact opposite is true when through the mind of an observer he gets caught up within the upper boundaries of his level of constraint hence a higher level. This would cause the person or entity to experience his environment as passing by more rapidly the higher up he gets entangled on the levels of consciousness.


Only by means of manipulating ones mind to a lower level of consciousness would you be able to master speed reading, attain photographic memory. Dreams also occur at the lower boundaries of our subconscious, but dreaming has a more important role to play than you could ever imagine.  All of the above as well as things like a sixth sense and much more is explained in every minute detail within the different sections. The intensities of all of the above will depend on how far the limit of containment of the being or organism in question has been exceeded.


“To God one day is like a thousand years”


This could only be possible if GOD indeed exists at a higher level which totally relates to what I wrote earlier on, hence one INICHI lasting the duration of one CHIRION being only one moment of thought in the mind of GOD. Only through a series of UNIRONS would we be able to converge with God in a meaningful way. We certainly still have a very, very long way to go.



But this is still only the tip of the iceberg.

“Transitional Gates” is the opening and closing between the different levels of consciousness which is detrimental for human survival. We could also call it a “Spherion Gate” As I mentioned earlier on, this is the very basis for gaining a better understanding for Autism, seizures and similar types of conditions. Any of these symptoms is certainly not a disease but rather the consequences of a faulty Transitional Gate. To be truly able to find a way of treating and ultimately rectifying these problems one would need to fully grasp the reality of the problem which is only possible by knowing the logic that defines our existence.


Speed of light from a different perspective.

The speed of light would be perceived completely different from each and every level of consciousness. At the very bottom of the atomic level a Lunia would be the smallest possible duration that can be conceptualized through consciousness also consisting of the smallest Chi possible, but then this would hold true only in the elementary world. Levels above this would be called Luniasions from which level Chirions would come into play. At the very basic level of the universe the observer would be able to see hence one Lunia, the universe transpiring at a rate comprising of the distance of one completed rotation of a hydrogen atom from moment to moment.


At the level of human consciousness one Iluniasion only renders us capable of seeing light having covered a distance of some 300,000 kilometers.


At the other extremity of the outer edge of the universe one Iluniasion would be no more than one instantaneous flash of such intensity that it would be representative of the actual “BIG BANG” But don’t despair, once my theory had a chance to be fertilized in your mind all of this would become crystal clear.



Every living organism has a mind.


Every living organism has a mind but take serious note of the following statement. The smaller the living organism the more alike will be the ability of those minds hence the conscious awareness across that breed if I could call it that, but which will certainly differ from breed to breed. As the living organism becomes more advanced by means of unification across the levels of existence “Chirions”, similarity will become more diversified being totally dependant on the inherent ant conscious awareness passed on from within.


Unfortunately only those humans having attained a certain level of consciousness are on the verge of transgressing to the next level of our existence, but rest assure it’s a path that all will tread but only when the time for you has come.


Let’s try another way to of getting to understand the different levels to seem to be lasting of the same duration.


For pure reasons of simplicity let’s now assume that the very first level has a circumference of one meter. As such, once a photon has completed one revolution we can create an imaginary second to represent the duration it took that photon to encircle.


If we now move on to the next level having twice the circumference hence two meters it would take twice as long but yet be perceived as having taken just as long as on the previous level despite it having taken twice as long than as its predecessor. We would now see the photon traveling a distance of two meters during one revolution. It’s extremely important to keep in mind that we have already determined that one revolution across all levels will always feel to be lasting the same duration hence one moment. As such we can on this level also call it one second for being one moment.


If we now move on to the third level being twice the circumference of it’s predecessor or four times that of the first circumference hence four meters it would take twice as long as the previous level or four times as long as the first level, but yet, once more to be perceived as having taken just as long as on all previous levels despite it having taken four times as long as its predecessor. We would now see the photon traveling a distance of four meters during one revolution.


In conclusion we can now define that at the first level a person would experience time to be lasting four times as long as the person on level four.


We will not be going into the complexities of the Fibonacci levels of consciousness other than to reveal what it’s based on. All levels of existence across the whole spectrum of matter are directly related to the Fibonacci sequence but we will not be going into the complexities thereof as it certainly is in need of proper research and investigation. Note should also be taken that the real chart needed to represent the levels of consciousness, would be far more complicated than being depicted here. As such, only by means of research will we be able to draft a complete and correct chart.


Since a photon will always travel at a constant speed in outer space we should realize that the only possible way to perceive light to be traveling faster our awareness needs to be slowed down. As such it is due to the awareness of our conscious realities that has been slowed down creating the illusion that the speed of light, lightning, explosions, flies and anything relevant is so fast.


Our Ego’s put into perspective.


In a circle of ten dots each little dot will represent its own little individualistic existence but yet be acutely aware of its neighboring dots. Each little dot will perceive itself to be the pivotal point of its own little existence as well as being the pivotal point for everything else around it for that matter. For being in a geocentrically placed position it will inherit an egocentrically self awareness depriving it from grasping the realities of its existence. These ten individual dots forming a unified existence yet only form part of another dot being part of an even larger circle of existence hence consciousness.


In Conclusion.


By only relying on what you can relate to through measurement will constrain you from thinking outside the box ultimately depriving you from discovering true knowledge from within?


All of our brains being “NEURONIZED” in completely differently ways render us incapable of correctly interpreting each others information inevitably resulting in conflicting statements.



The freedom of association within the colonization of neurons in the brain.



The occupancy of consciousness within a single neuron being responsible for the transmission of a unified command.

The Fibonacci levels of consciousness.

This is a chart consisting of "Thirteen Levels Of Consciousness" only to give you an idea as to the real complexities behind the levels.

Moments of awareness











Level One:











Level Two:











Level Three:











Level Four:











Level Five:











Level Six:











Level Seven:











Level Eight:











Level Nine:











Level Ten:











Level Eleven:











Level Twelve:











Level Thirteen:











Please Note:
We will not be going into the complexities of the Fibonacci levels of consciousness other than to reveal what it’s based on. All levels of existence across the whole spectrum of matter are directly related to the Fibonacci sequence. Note should also be taken that the real chart needed to represent the levels of consciousness, would be far more complicated than being depicted here. Only by means of research will we be able to draft a complete and correct chart.