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Matter is bound to the laws of physics where freewill is only constrained by a lack of experience not yet knowing the vastness of its capabilities within its set boundaries of transgression. By only relying on what you can relate to by means of measurement will constrain you from thinking outside the box ultimately depriving you from making use of freewill? The Quantum world without freewill is like a motor vehicle without a driver. Without freewill we are in essence saying that the quantum world is desperately trying to discover itself which would place it in an eternal loop. Without free will there would absolutely be no purpose for the quantum world to exist in the first place, none at all. Surely if we have no free will then we should insist on being prosecuted in a quantum court. Then, instead of being found guilty regardless of the crime committed, we should rather be rewarded for having fulfilled the purpose imposed on us from the quantum world. It goes without saying that over the centuries there certainly were but most importantly still are a lot of highly intelligent people debating their knowledge and ideas all across the globe. We should endeavor to challenge any and all statements that have ever been made but certainly not meant to try and prove or disprove it to be right or wrong but rather as a means of gaining a better understanding. Only by means of debate and careful analysis but within the constraints of your own mind will you eventually manage to make it your own by getting to truly understand it. Accepting something you don’t truly understand out of good faith just because its origination is from a well established source is like throwing caution to the wind. All of our brains are wired uniquely capable of creating different realities as to our awareness of our existence. Could it be that in some mystical way all of us are correct but just not capable of correctly interpreting each other’s information inevitably resulting in conflicting statements? Without any doubt this is most certainly the case between evolutionist and creationists who so far have only managed to secure the embarrassments of future generations not necessarily for having been neither right nor wrong but for not having been able to understand but even more so respect each others valid viewpoints. Conflicts are nothing more than a by product of the indifferences amongst freewill being exercised by humans and other species for that matter. This is an inherent ant part of the evolutionary process.


Line of command.

It would certainly be impossible for a larger object to control the atomic-scale other than to acknowledge its origination. A functional clock for obvious logical reasons is not in control of its integral parts and similarly it can be said that the macro is not in control of the micro other than being a unified observable product thereof. Only people can cause a riot and as such are in control thereof and not the other way. A riot is bigger than any one man as a clock is bigger than any one of its integral parts. However, freewill also has a tipping point from which point onwards those opposed to majority rule will simply be dragged along or cast out. To believe that the macro should yield for the micro to gain control is equally not true. The macro can never be anything more than a unified experience from the causation of the micro frozen up in a longer moment of higher consciousness but then only to become another piece of the puzzle of an experience existing at yet a larger scale. It’s like a pyramid building up to a climatic experience starting from the bottom up. Without adhering to the transgression of majority rule, always being instructed from a lower level, being driven by free will would be like trying to stop the wind with a fork. From a human perspective it should be noted that the further down we look towards the micro the faster decision making are occurring, thus enabling us on a higher dimensional level to only experience our existence on a strictly need to know basis, only with much more substance and intensity. There certainly is no need neither the time to know all, if any, of the ingredients and the painstakingly processes occurring at a lower level of our existence by analogy of a meal purposely being prepared for you to enjoy. All that remains for you to do is to appreciate each and every moment thereof at a higher level with no need to know all the intricacies such as where the wine was matured, the meat was slaughtered, the vegetables grown etc. Despite the lower levels of our existence only revealing information on a need to know basis to us on a higher level, it still is the very reason why we can make an informed decision on a higher level with the freewill to do so. Freewill without wisdom is like throwing dice to determine the outcome but it was still your choice to make. One could argue that being caught up in a society of dominance you are stripped from freewill but this couldn’t be further from the truth as there is a huge difference between freewill and restraint. Nelson Mandela former president of South Africa is the perfect example thereof. Even being imprisoned in a 6 x 4 cell will certainly not affect your freewill in any way or form other than the enforcement of the limitations thereof. Freewill is the ultimate freedom of thought even when being constrained from putting those thoughts to actions, and as such the though then becomes more important than the action itself.

Something important to take note of is that by committing an act enforced on you still did not deny you the ability to choose freely other than yourself having taken the easy way out.


Entrapment of freewill.

With years of study knowledge ultimately becomes so deeply imbedded in ones believe system that it becomes almost impossible to escape from the groove. It’s like an old record player of which you only need to put the needle in the groove and it will sing you the same old song by following the same old path. But then this certainly does not deny you the choice of freewill other than the containment thereof. It has only managed to put you in a comfort zone of convenience now not having to think of the hidden consequences by thinking for yourself hence taking responsibility for your own thoughts put into action. When you visit a game farm the first thing you would notice while game sighting, is the paths been trampled by the game making them very predictive of their behaviors. The minds of humans work no differently with their brains being “neuronised” in similar ways inevitably causing them to think in the same way foreseeing the same outcome. It’s as predictable as walking into Mac Donalds knowing exactly what to expect. As such one would assume that consistency within a certain spectrum of the community would mean it to uphold the truth but this couldn’t be further from the truth other than it following the same procedures deeply imbedded from the thoughts of others.


Integrity of freewill.

Freewill without integrity is nothing short of an animal running wild causing havoc and despair.  As such the consequences of freewill lacking integrity can and will be problematic. Those that endeavor to practice freewill with integrity should leave no stone unturned to debate in a meaningful way with those that don’t to start doing likewise.


In Conclusion. 

Freewill is nothing other than the marketing of the end products resultant from the thoughts of the subconscious. As such freewill is the shopping malls of the mind and however you choose to entertain those thoughts will ultimately define your destiny.  Freewill is and always will be there for you to embrace no matter what the circumstances. It’s up to each and every mortal to either embrace it or choose to conform to the thought process of others which often lack integrity. The latter would then be nothing less than subjecting yourself to the freewill of others getting to make decisions on your behalf most often not beneficial for the majority of humanity. It might be neither good nor bad but then it’s for you to decide having the freedom of choice to do so. Unfortunately we live in a world where most decisions are made based on the fear of ridicule, rejection and pear pressure.


Better the fool that fertilizes the seeds of his own thoughts within the integrity of his mind than the humanized android embracing the thoughts of others to become nothing more than a record gaining platinum status.