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Delayed Reactions by virtue of holographic Illusions.


Every moment of everyday that we experience as being our realities is nothing more than a holographic illusion being a replay of a true event. The true nature of our real existence is far more complicated than we can possibly imagine but this of course is only true at the subconscious level which is totally obscured from our conscious awareness being perceived as our realities. The subconscious level is the level at which our real existence takes place meaning it to be occurring at the molecular level of interaction. Our conscious awareness of our actions which we experience as being our realities is nothing more than a replay hence an optical illusion of the events that have already occurred quite a while ago at the subconscious level. There is a delayed reaction of the physical moment of occurrence and the conscious moment which we get to experience as a reality. This delay is quite substantial and in the region of about six seconds which differs very slightly from individual to individual. When the real self which plays of at the subconscious level lift its arm your conscious self would only get to experience it six seconds later as if having lifted his arm at that moment. This would mean that if you run a 100 meter race in a time of ten seconds, by the time your obscured real self reaches the finishing line, your conscious level has only reached the 40 meter mark. This would put your conscious experience to be lagging by six seconds.

If now for experimental reasons you had to bang your head on the finishing post which instantaneously renders you unconscious your subconscious real self would be incapable of transferring the data for your consciousness to experience. This would render the conscious moment incapable of recording as well as experiencing the moment. This is applicable only to a mild concussion which renders you unconscious causing you to have not consciously experienced the last six seconds up to that point. This causes the loss of memory transfer between the actual and perceived moment of existence. I would like to call this loss of memory “Transitional memory loss” due to it being lost through the portal stage. The transitional gate consists of a multitude of portals which is responsible for data delivery from the subconscious self to the level of consciousness. Portals are like traffic signs designed to delay the flow of data enabling relevant data to reach it’s destination at the same moment in time. Without a transitional gate consisting of portals our whole existence would be no more than chaos rendering us totally incapable of experiencing what we do. It would be like organizing a birthday party without letting any one knows which time it starts resulting in people coming and going throughout the day. Serious note should be taken of the fact that for example the signals send from your toe which takes half a second to reach your brain has nothing to do with portals which is something totally different. Retrograde memory loss on the other hand is something totally different which is nothing more than packets of memory which has already been stored now lost due to damage of neurons. Memory loss of this nature can consist of data packets ranging anywhere from a few seconds up to years. In the case of transitional memory loss no physical damage have occurred other than the transmitter has been switched off temporarily. Transitional memory loss which only consists of duration of about six seconds is something quite different as mentioned above meaning that the chances of experiencing the last six seconds were totally lost during the transitional period from the subconscious world to that which we experience as our realities. As a result of this when you regain consciousness the last six seconds preceding the loss of consciousness would be totally lost as if it never occurred.

This is quite evident in the following case which is being misunderstood.


Strange loss of memory


Minibus taxi driver Jacob Humphreys, was recently found guilty of murdering 10 schoolchildren when his minibus was hit by a train at a level crossing in Blackheath outside Cape Town on August 25 last year.   

Defence lawyer Johann Engelbrecht said during the trial that Humphreys suffered from retrograde amnesia and could not remember anything from the time his taxi stood still at the Buttskop level crossing to the time he woke up and was taken to hospital.

Let’s look at the following statement made by Judge Robert Henney.


Judge Robert Henney said it was strange that Humphreys remembered the moment just before the accident but nothing else.


With the emphasis on “strange” would mean that such a statement can only be made if you do not fully grasp the meaning of retrograde amnesia. By really understanding any of the concept of memory loss “strange” should have been substituted with “doubtful” as to his loss of memory.


He said if Humphreys' vehicle had stood still behind another vehicle, it should have been that vehicle which was hit.


What he should have highlighted and as such have acknowledged on the account of what has happened is the fact that the event that occurred have in fact comprised of a two part series. The first part being up the time the accused can recall and the second part which did occur but being lost due to retrograde amnesia as per defense but in actual fact being retrograde memory loss. Fact of the matter is that when you hear judgment you would expect it to be based on a logical interpretation.

In the light of the fact that the National Prosecuting Authority has decide to take a tougher stance against reckless drivers, this said case will inevitably play an important role in future court cases making it indeed a historical event. This very case can make or brake future cases and as such should deserve the necessary attention. As such every single world uttered during this case will be scrutinized in future cases. This is not a case to be won or lost but a case that will lay the foundations for future events.


It’s not a matter of proofing or disproving his guilt for it’s a crime he indeed is responsible for, but it’s rather a matter of ascertaining his mental state during said circumstances. In the light of what was said during judgment should be more than fair grounds upon which to ask for a re-trial.


Holographic Illusion

A holographic illusion makes up only one of many parts of our existence. There is also the moment where our real existence is taking place and then there are also subliminal moments that can occur in-between these two moments. Our real moment of existence is happening at such a slow pace that it can only be conceptualized at the subconscious level which is much faster than our conscious awareness. At the subconscious level where we are really evolving through time but at a different rate of perception the subconscious mind accumulates all the data that it receives from the different senses. Keep in mind that light, sound, touch and all the rest of the senses are taking place at different rates. Light for example which reaches our eyes is traveling much faster than sound for example. As such the subconscious mind needs to synchronize all of this data into a moment of awareness that will actually make sense. Without synchronizing data we will experience our existence as being chaotic where vision for example will appear way before sound. It’s like hitting a wall and only after you have retrieved your fist will you hear the sound and even later feel the pain. This by the way is what’s happening in autistic people. The only way we can get to experience life as we do is by means of a holographic illusion. A holographic illusion is nothing more than a replay of what we have really experienced a few seconds ago. When you lift your arms you have actually done so a few seconds ago but are only now experiencing it. Remember the guy running the hundred meters into a wall. Our conscious experience of our existence via a holographic illusion is a replay of the real moment but on a strictly need to know basis.