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Finally the truth about Autism can be revealed to the world.

First we need to touch on a topic of the utmost importance that has puzzled science for many decades.

An understanding of the biological significance of differences in relative brain size still remains to be answered in a meaningful way.

As yet it is also still not clearly understood, if understood at all, why the duration for the development of brains from birth to adulthood differs so vastly amongst all the species of which humans is no exception. The complete development of a human’s brain for example takes much longer than that of animals. By Googeling on the internet you will be inundated with thousands of speculations and well conducted research as to why, but sadly none capable of solving the mystery.

At this point it would be good idea to take serious note of the fact, despite it being common knowledge, that children with autism have brains that developed years ahead of when it was supposed too have happened.

As such we only have to discover the importance of why a brain should develop at a specific rate hence fast or slow being specie specific and we are halfway to solving the problem.

But then, this is just one of a series of question that still needs to be answered in a meaningful way.

There is also the question amongst researchers as to the significance of brain size versus IQ creating a lot of controversy.

There certainly are a lot of theories with substantial proof regarding all these questions but unfortunately resulting in more contradictions than consensus. Any worthy truth should be able to hold up to whatever is thrown its way. We live in a world of secrecy aimed at protecting our discoveries “where who said what and who discovered what first” has become more important than the problem itself. It’s all about the ego and only once humanity has learned to share their discoveries in a meaningful way will we really make progress for the betterment of humanity and not a day sooner.

Brain Size is one of, if not the most important question that still needs to be addressed.

The significance behind the differences of brain sizes between for example whales, elephants, humans and the smaller species should become self evident once it’s properly understood.

The truth is that brain size plays a very significant role in the very existence of man and amongst all the species including that at microscopic level which certainly also has a driving force behind it. The question to ask is how far you would need to dissect a brain before you can claim it no longer to be a brain. Brain size can be considered to be the mother of all of our perceived realities without which all species and organisms would have been totally lost amongst a world of matter.

Let’s look at the following analogy to enable us to get a better understanding of the significance behind brain size.

For a moment consider the functionality of a telescope.

If a fly was capable of developing a telescope containing a lens of say two millimeters in diameter it would have been capable to see clear across the room as to what is on the wall on the far end of the room, but yet a far cry from what the Hubble telescope on the other extreme is capable of revealing.

It is a common fact that the larger the lens of a telescope the better the magnification of the universe would be. As such lens size is as important to observing the universe as brain size is to encapsulating time perception. You just cannot achieve the same results by natural means other than to make use of certain drugs.

This now brings as to the last part of the puzzle to enable us to understand autism and related problems being none other than the perception of different durations of time.

Capacitance of time.

Finally we need to take note of and get to understand the basics of a simple capacitor. The larger a capacitor the longer it will take to fully charge before finally releasing all of its energy in one burst. Smaller brains, within limits of course, is just as capable of acquiring the same level of intelligence and even capable of surpassing the intelligence levels of larger brains which is quite evident amongst certain species.

The single most important factor of brain size irrespective of the level of intelligence is the ability of time encapsulation hence capacitance of time. As such I cannot emphasize enough that brain size is as important to encapsulating our perceptions of time as lens size is to a telescope for observing the universe.

To appreciate the complexities yet the very simple dynamics thereof one will certainly have to familiarize himself with my theory available at

I will now explain autism as plain and simple as I possibly can without touching on the Fibonacci sequence that goes hand in hand.

We can make use of the following picture.

This explanation is certainly not meant to be mathematically correct but rather a means of explaining the concept thereof.

The black spot on the left being two millimeters in diameter would represent the brain size of a fly where the yellow spot on the right being twenty centimeters in diameter would represent the brain size of a human. One “moment in time” at the level of the fly would be perceived as lasting ten times as long as that at the human level. This would mean that if a fly could, he would read a book ten times over for every one time a human can read that same book. A human would see a fly acting ten times as fast as himself where a fly would see our every movement to be lasting ten times as long hence our every movements to be extremely slow.

As such the smaller the brain the faster the specie would conceptualize time experiencing much more time during any one moment but yet with much less clarity and intensity. On the other hand the larger the brain becomes the slower the perception of perceived time but with much more clarity and intensity.

This now brings us to why brains are meant to develop at different rates amongst the different species.

A child needs to learn far more complicated lessons than an animal and as such the development of his brain, but more importantly the increase in brain size needs to occur over a much longer duration to allow for lessons to be learned.

What we have learned about the fly and the human is very important to enable us to grasp the significance of brain size.

A babies brain at birth is say half the size “Purple on the chart” compared to that of an adults brain “Yellow on the chart”. We can now safely assume that the babies mind would encapsulate time to be lasting twice as long as that of his parent and as such would perceive each and every movement, every single sound and all the rest to be lasting twice as long hence everything being very slow.

This is a very clever trick of evolution to allow more time in the mind of the baby, enabling it to take note of and learn the lessons to be learned in a slow but meaningful way. Imagine someone showing you a complicated task without slowing it down, you would be totally lost, not being able to have followed all the moves, if any at all. It would be like trying to follow the flight path of a fly. When we teach someone a new trick we will only manage to do so if we slow our actions down, enabling that person to follow the procedures.

This is a safety mechanism build into all species literally allowing for more time and as such enabling them to follow all actions with ease getting to learn the lessons to be learned. As the child grows older he would slowly develop a different sense of reality, but in direct relation to the increase of his brain, which by the way is also why a child would see a holiday lasting for ages compared to his parents. It would be pointless to constrain the minds of animals from maturing faster since their lessons to be learned are far less complex. This is also why our voices get to change. Those Idols so foolishly being laughed at during television shows is a perfect example hereof indeed making us the fools which is explained on my web The growth rate of any specie is directly linked to its level of intelligence.

This now brings us back to Autism. 

When the brain of an autistic child develops too quickly, the whole scenario around him changes. Everything around him which was supposed to be transpiring at a very slow rate enabling him to follow through is now happening way too fast for him to comprehend, literally stripping precious time from his mind. Our every move, sound and even touch would become no less than terrifying for his now almost adult mind, but still in dire need of the relevant data and know how to help him make sense of the world around him.

Fortunately there is much that can be done to rectify this problem simply by knowing how to manipulate his awareness of time steering him in the right direction. This can be achieved by means of virtual realities and the administering of very precise doses of drugs to bridge this problem during the important developmental stage.

It is of the utmost importance to keep these children away from any fast paced actions like for example computer games but especially from watching cartoons for the very simple reason that its moving way too fast for his mind. Parents should also learn to do everything at a much slower pace enabling the child the opportunity to follow.

And yet, this is only the tip of the iceberg which certainly is not a thumb suck theory but 25 years of painstakingly analysis of all of our perceived realities. Having spent literally every free moment of my time over the last twenty five years I would certainly challenge anyone when it involves time and the perceived realities thereof. This includes Einstein’s theory of relativity which I like to refer to as Einstein’s Curse.

Although I claim my theory to be fool proof it is certainly not meant to be mathematically correct but rather a means to explain the concept thereof.

Only with the necessary funding and the correct logical research will one be able to fine tune this theory to eventually eradicate autism and associated problems.

Feel free to study my theory which will undoubtedly change your mind and how you think forever.