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A Moment in Time


Our awareness of any one moment in time is like the shutter of a lens taking one picture at a time. Who or whatever controls this shutter speed is in control of how we get to perceive the universe. It is commonly believed that before the big bang time was non existent as there was nothing to measure. Time as we currently know it now is merely a way of dividing the beginning to the end of the universe, as well as relevant events into measurable moments, or at least so we are taught. At least this way we are capable of making some sort of sense of it all. It is also generally believed that time can be change by moving at different speeds and as such the faster we travel the slower time becomes hence Einstein’s theory of relativity. Unfortunately this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Some theorists would even go as far as postulating that we would one day be able to cross the boundaries of time hence time travel. I’ve also seen some scientists claiming that we can see as much as 3 – 5 seconds into the future for which they produced substantial evidence. Unfortunately the interpretation of any evidence is only worth as much as the logic that went into the interpretation thereof.


Einstein’s Curse.


I say this with the utmost respect as Einstein is certainly my favorite scientist having inspired me since a small boy always wanting to know more. The biggest breakthrough relating to time that has ever been made and which has stood the test of time for literally a century is nothing other than Einstein’s theory of relativity. Whether future time will proof his theory to still remain correct or not is not as important as him having laid the foundations for many discoveries made based on his assumptions. Unfortunately only half a truth, which it is, will take you only so far eventually imprisoning you in a maze of misinterpreted information from which there is literally no escape. Inevitably it has lead to the majority of scientists now being caught up in the spider web of relativity which I will proof to the world without any reasonable doubt. This is a very bold statement but yet a statement that will proof to have far reaching consequences only to be appreciated by future generations. Einstein’s curse hence the maze of relativity is just that for it literally enables one to get lost in the concept of time each time opening up new possibilities of mental entrapment with little or no escape.


If we truly want to make sense of our existence then we need to take time seriously and treat it with the necessary respect that it deserves for only then will we get to understand the realities thereof.

Time is universal, it’s real; yet it cannot be manipulated in any way or form.

Time is subjective to nothing not even to itself other than being a medium of integrity.

Even if there were nothing, not even nothing itself, then time would still be moving along.

Even nothing would be subjective to some duration within the constraints of time.

Time is sequential and as such there is no way of going back or forth in time other than to embrace the moment and follow the flow of time.

As such any one moment in time on a linear axis can only be experienced once during that specific moment in time. Once the moment is gone it’s gone forever other than becoming a memory. The only way to have a peek into the future is by living in the past of which the present moment has already occurred. This too is a very bold statement but the facts thereof will be revealed to you as you become more educated in this new concept of time without the need to warp the very basis of time. Déjà vu once being perfectly understood will be a perfect example thereof.


The word “Time” dubbed by man might certainly be the creation of man but the very concept of time itself is the ultimate reality without which no physical or conscious realities can exist. As such this would make time the mother of all realities giving birth from moment to moment.

Time is not subjective to matter of any sort, but matter itself is certainly subjective to time.

Every single moment in time no matter how long or short that duration might be occurs at every conceivable point in the universe at the very exact same moment. 

If a moment in time was representative of a color then the whole universe would have been the very same color at any one such a moment in time no matter how long or short the duration of that moment might be hence the transparencing of time. As such no matter how big the universe might be, from moment to moment it would be following time changing from color to color at the very same instance. Time is all-pervading, always waiting for you, no matter where you go, no matter how long it might take you. As such it can be safely defined that only matter is capable of physical motion across the universe and not time itself.


To help us to understand time, we need to establish sequentially defined points of reference from which point onwards we can relate to different durations of measurement. No matter how close or far apart these reference points might be, the only important thing is that these reference points should remain consistent with no deviation at all, no matter what, to remain the same throughout our measurements. Whether you would like to distance the reference points in Planck lengths or the length of one circumference of a hydrogen atom or any other length of reference is not important at all other than the consistency thereof referring to one such a measurement as a single moment in time.

The last and most important thing to take note of is; now that we have defined the realities of time, we need to use it in a meaningful, consistent and logical way. When the need arrive to mutilate time for the sake of explaining what we cannot make sense of, then one should rather walk away.


We consist of matter, or rather light energy for that matter, and as such to make proper use of time we need to link matter in a meaningful way to any single predefined moment of time.

For this exercise we can make use of the equally distanced reference points of the circumference of a hydrogen atom.

The second thing we need to do is to look for matter or an energy source that is consistent.

The only object that I can think of to be consistent would be a photon traveling at some 300 thousand kilometers per second, hence the speed of light.


Since we now have all the ingredients, and with the correct logic, we should be able to gain a better understanding of the universe and everything within it. Only once humanity gets to understand this, but more importantly accept it for what it is, will we get to make real progress. Not only will it help us in developing and understanding the true realities of a single unifying theory but also enable us to understand Einstein’s “Theory of Relativity” from a totally new perspective despite it not being perfectly correct.


Since we now know that the very basis upon which time exists can never be changed we are left with a dilemma for a lack of making sense of our observations which are in total defiance of time being a constant.


The manipulation of our perception of time is the very essence behind the origination of evolution by means of purposeful creation without which we would never have been able to experience what we do in a universe full of surprises. All forms of life, no matter how complicated or simple is caught up within the constraints of time, being ingeniously manipulated to create different perceptions thereof. Just think time lapsed or high speed film recordings for a moment and you will know exactly what I mean. By manipulating the frames per second of a movie you are not manipulating time itself but only create the illusion that you did.


Since we have already defined a moment in time to consist of the length of the circumference of a hydrogen atom, as well as the duration of any one such length to be occurring at the speed of light, we should be well on our way.


A single photon in relation to distance traveled along the circumference of a hydrogen atom can also be referred to as one atomic unit of work performed hence one atomic second. It can now safely be used for comparing the duration of work performed between the different levels of realities hence the abilities of our conscious awareness.


Anyone such a moment in time or if you prefer one atomic second  can in itself consist of smaller segments of moments of time but yet still only be a part of a larger moment of time. At the end of the day all the different moments should be able to add up to be consistent with the flow of time to never exceed time itself or to fall behind. Time can now be directly related to the speed of light in outer space which is a constant and as such there is no way of speeding it up or slowing it down, and if you did it would only affect the photon and not time itself.

In reality it is not the speed of light being so fast but in fact the manipulated perception thereof as experienced from the perspective of our conscious awareness enabling us to experience our realities in the way that we do.


We will now define an atomic second to be none other than a single unit of time hence one unit of work performed.


The very fundamental and basic awareness of any one moment in time is constrained to the duration of one atomic second. One moment in time should be seen as the shutter of a camera capturing that moment cutting you off from the previous frame representing the past, but at the same time constricting you from the next moment in time being the future.


This now forms the very basis upon which we will build the formulation of an atomic conscious moment.


No matter how long or how short the duration of the completion of the universe each and every single moment or atomic second will be experienced as lasting of the same duration.


In this instance, if the universe lasted for one million single units of time hence atomic seconds then we would have been capable of capturing one million pictures each containing only one pixel hence one atomic moment in time.


This now leaves us with a dilemma. There would be no purpose in the existence of the universe if every moment in time lasted for the same duration, experiencing the same thing over and over, being cut of from the past as well as from the future. As a result of this we would only be able to capture one event at any one moment leaving us with one million individual moments each containing the same dull picture captured by the shutter of the camera. 


Now let’s try this again, only this time the shutter will remain open for two single units of time hence two atomic seconds.


After the universe has now once again completed its cycle hence one million moments in time or one million atomic seconds our realities would be different because of a longer shutter speed. This time we have experienced 500,000 unified moments in time hence the shutter speed having remained open for two atomic seconds encapsulating two atomic seconds fused into one moment of consciousness hence each picture now containing two pixels. Take note that although we now have 500,000 pictures containing two pixels it still remains relatively meaningless. The only difference would be that at this conscious level of the shutter remaining open twice as long we would experiencing the universe to be lasting only half as long in relation to our previous experience.


From this point on the realities of our consciousness encapsulated into more meaning moments containing more substance hence more atomic seconds should become self-evident in getting to understand the true nature of our realities.


But then, despite being able to experience one moment in time now consisting of as many atomic seconds as you like would still prevent you from savoring that moment as any one moment would be too fleeting.


Only by being able to bring more than one unified moments together, without the need to also fuse those unified moments, but rather to make those moments transparent will it enable us to really experience the moments in a appreciable way giving ultimate purpose to the universe.

It’s only by means of transparencing a sequence of unified moments that we are capable of experiencing the past present and “future” into one meaningful moment of conscious awareness.

“Future”; for now all you need to take note of  is that we can only get the experience the future by living in the past and not in the present which is something that will become quite evident in due course.


At this time it should be noted that any one unified moment of consciousness irrespective of it having been made up of containing only one atomic second or a million it would be experienced as lasting of the same duration. The only difference is the amount of substance contained in these moments.


So how did the universe become more interesting?


To explain the realities of our perception of time I need to touch on one of the most fundamental building blocks of our existence. By being constrained to experience only one moment in time, from the beginning to the end, would mean that our existence would also be constrained from any progress, maintaining the same status throughout. Once again there would have been no purpose in the creation of the universe.


The building blocks for our existence started the moment the first Hydrogen Atom was created, meaning that this was the actual first steps allowing our eventual appearance of existence. The creation of a portrait cannot start before a cotton seed has been planted to create the canvas which undeniably and inevitably plays a major role in a portraits eventual creation.


So how do we solve this problem of all these single moments of time (atomic time), to make our universe more interesting?


For starters; by adjusting the shutter speed of our perceptions of time, to remain open for two moments in time, which equals “2 * atomic second”, will open up completely new possibilities.


We can call this - “Compounding of time, or rather Perception of Time” - which for now will consist of a combination of two moments in time. (Two combined atomic units of time now enable the observation of two rotations of an electron as one single event.) Remember, no matter how many single moments in time any perceived moment contains, the duration of observing it as one moment will always be perceived as the same. The capacitance of consciousness. It’s like the slowing and speeding up of a recorded message, making sense to only the one enraptured within the boundaries of that perceived moment. In this case it’s the shutter speed, remaining open longer, capturing a sequence of two single moments or atomic seconds, into one perceived moment in time. (Think time lapsed and high speed recordings!)


By encapsulating 1,000,000 single atomic moments in time into only a hundred thousand moments in time by means of fusing every ten atomic second into one moment would create the illusion that the duration of the universe went ten times as fast as in the first instance, despite it lasting for the same duration as the first time of the universe.


This is also one of the very reasons behind the increase in intelligence, as well as giving the illusion of time fleeting by as the years pass. The more data our intelligence needs to encapsulate to create purposeful functionality, the longer the shutter of our perceptions needs to open consuming more and more atomic seconds fused  into one single moment with dire consequences for our future.


If a sequence of “perceived time”, each consisting of 1,000 units of atomic seconds existed, our perceptions would be that the universe now consists of only 1,000 moments of time. The benefit is that this time much more clarity is achieved during each combined moment.


Duration of universe in single moments 1,000,000 / 1,000 = one thousand perceived moments or frames. Remember in this case the shutter speed of our camera has been slowed down a thousand times, capturing a thousand single moments, fusing it into 1,000 pictures each consisting of 1,000 pixels.


Finally were getting somewhere as the universe is now beginning to get some meaning.


Very Important:


It’s of the utmost importance to note that each time the shutter opens and closes, no matter how long or how short our shutter speed, only one combined or fused perceived moment in time will be captured, hence one picture or combined event. Shortest shutter speed possible equates to one atomic second contained in one perceived moment in time. Longer shutter speed equates to many atomic seconds fused into one perceived moment in time. Both of these above mentioned perceived moments in time, no matter how many single atomic seconds either contains, will be perceived of as lasting for the same duration.


The only thing that changes is the amount of data captured during each perceived moment which we can explain in the following way.


If you had a memory stick in your camera that could only store one million pixels then you would come to the following conclusions by adjusting the shutter speed of your camera. At the same time while doing this we can get a sense of the speed of light, simply by replacing a pixel by a one meter length which we will add in quotes.


You can take:

1 million pictures each consisting of 1 pixel and as such the universe would be lasting for 1 million moments. “Light travel at 1 meter per moment”


100,000 thousand pictures each consisting of 10 pixels and as such the universe would be lasting for 100,000 thousand moments. “Light travel at 10 meters per moment”


10,000 pictures each consisting of 100 pixels and as such the universe would now be lasting for only 10,000 moments.  “Light travel at 100 meters per moment”


1,000 pictures each consisting of 1,000 pixels and as such the universe would be lasting for 1,000 moments.  “Light travel at 1,000 meters per moment”


100 pictures each consisting of 10,000 pixels and as such the universe would be lasting for 100 moments.  “Light travel at 10,000 meters per moment”


And Ultimately

1 picture consisting of 1,000,000 pixels and as such the universe would now be lasting for only 1 moment hence the point of singularity where consciousness has completed a cycle.  “Light travel at 1,000,000 meters per moment”


This now opens up a few possibilities.


But alas, despite this increasing combination of atomic moments of time giving a much broader perspective through one moment in “perceived time”, it still only allowed awareness to evolve by existing for the spur of the moment. No matter how advanced awareness became, at any one stage everything was about the very present. As this stage the past and future were still out of scope although it consisted of many single moments. This still left the illusion that everything happened at the spur of the moment, hiding the fact of any moments having passed us by and future moments to be following.


It’s like looking at a painting of Vincent Van Gogh capturing one moment in time, but hiding the real fact of the duration of its creation. Next time you look at a painting then ask yourself: How much time was spent by the painter on this portrait, only to be absorbed by your mind in literally a split second.


In our world of reality, each moment we experience takes place over an extended period of atomic seconds, only making us consciously aware of spurs of a combination of moments. It’s like flipping through the pages of a book not realizing the time hidden from our perceptions relating to the contents of each individual page. Speed reading and photographic memory is proof of this, which I explain in detail on another web-page.


Now let’s take this one step further:


At this stage our awareness was still unaware of the past and future, only living for the spur of the moment, meaning the very present.


By taking it one step further by transparencing a series of “encapsulated perceived moments”, would give us a transparent view of the past, present and future but not necessarily in this order, enabling us to experience our conscious realities.


This now enabled forms of awareness to switch back and forth between “Perceived moments of time”, but only within the scope of those moments which have been made transparent to us. Now for the first time, it allowed us not only to experience the past present and future but also to make comparisons between it giving us a sense of being.


Consider the following analogy:


Characters of the alphabet would represent “atomic Seconds”


Words in a story will represent “unified moments”.


Sentences will represent “larger unified moments” etc…


A paragraph is the basis for intelligence scrolling through the sentences, and eventually chapters scrolling through paragraphs.


Worms is like a Chapter in a book.


Birds are like a book itself.


Chimpanzee is like an encyclopedia.


Humans being the ultimate library.


To briefly recap:


One moment in time is one atomic second “hydrogen”.


One “perceived moment in time” is made up of consecutive single atomic moments of time fused into one moment.


“Perception of time” is made up of a series of “perceived moments” fused together as one “moment of awareness”.


Present Time:


In reality, whatever humans observe during any one of our “moments of awareness” is nothing other than the combination of thousands of sequential as well as parallel “Unified moments” each in turn containing millions or even trillions of atomic moments. Finally all of this is combined into “One Moment of Perceived Time”, or rather one moment of awareness.


 At the current level of our existence a humans duration of one conscious moment lasts for about one twenty-fifth of a human second. I stand to be corrected about the exact duration. What I’m trying to convey here is that it takes about twenty five frames “conscious moments” per second for us to perceive it as a smooth action hence a transparent moment of awareness. Any faster is moments wasted and any slower will leave blank gaps.


All of this is controlled through “Our Subconscious Minds, the Master and Gatekeeper between the conscious and subconscious, protecting us from a world of realities” 


This is the very reason why some Scientists are so confused trying to make sense of our existence.


I need to make it perfectly clear that not for one moment, do I doubt the hard work, dedication and discoveries of the scientific communities. Most observations are based on atomic time, but unknown to the scientific world, our consciousness exists in “Perceptions of time” far from the time scales of atomic matter. It’s like mixing macro and micro calculations in error.


Some examples of confusion:


1. Discrepancies in the dating and placing of artifacts, which when not making sense are quietly being packed away in silence. There are literally thousands upon thousands of these artifacts. The irony of it all is that it is only possible by making use of these discrepancies that we will be able to calibrate our findings to correctly label them to a time frame in the universe now hidden and kept quiet.


2. Sirius changing from a red star to a white dwarf in less than two thousand years, which is in direct violation of the laws of current day science. According to scientists it should have taken millions of years. (Scientifically researched data at atomic level, being compared with “human observations existing in perceived time”) The easy way out was to come to the conclusion that time is flawed.


3. Not understanding the logic behind seizures. (Instructions passed on to the muscle systems from subconscious level which is functioning thousands of times faster, bypassing the conscious mind in charge of slowing it down. This happens when the transitional gate between the subconscious and conscious is left open in error, being controlled through enzymes)


4. Not understanding the realities of a Sixth sense.


5. Not knowing the real logic behind Speed reading.


6. Not understanding how a photographic memory really works.


7. Not understanding a thing about “Vezans”.


8. The realities as to what really causes Sleep paralysis other than daemons.


9. Dreams which lasts from mere seconds to minutes, but yet of a much longer duration in the mind of the dreamer, but especially why do we dream. There is a  very valid reason for this.


10. Previous life events flashing through your mind, moments before a disastrous event. (


11. The huge discrepancies between Creationists versus Evolutionists regarding the age of our planet, the universe, age of existence of humans etc.


12. Psychics. (Later I will also explain the real logic behind our connections to the spiritual world for those that so wish!). Reincarnation will also fall into this category.


Questions that should be asked:


Is it really lightning that is so fast or is it we that are so slow, being protected from the realities of our existence?


What is the real speed of light, lightning, explosions etc… viewed from a different perspective.


How much time do we really have left before the ultimate “Moment of Singularity”?


Why flies, raccoons, snakes, humming birds etc… - have such vast differences in reaction time to ours.


How long is the perception of a day in the minds eye of a fly, raccoon, snake, humming bird etc… - compared to our perceptions?


How long is the perception of a day in the mind’s eye of an elephant for example - compared to our perceptions?


Are there differences in the perception of time between humans with different intellectual capabilities?


If so how can we calculate it?


Why does time seem to fleet as the years go by, and its realities?


Can we imprison a convict for a mere few hours, having the same mental effect as years of imprisonment? Remember it’s the mind that should be punished and not the body. For drunk driving they lock the driver up and not the car. Our minds are in control and as such the driver behind our anatomy.


Final Conclusion:


Any one cycle from the beginning to the end of the universe will always remain the same, whether it repeats itself only once or a million times. It’s only by making use of more moments in any one moment in time “by encapsulating a sequence of single moments into one large perceived moment” that the beginning to the end will appear to be shorter. The more we chase after intelligence the less time we will experience which will inevitably create the illusion of a very long past, but at the same time an extremely short future. The more we accomplish intellectually, the more time we will give up, balancing the scale of the time of our own physical existence. This illusion of slower and faster times is the very essence behind our existence, allowing us to experience what we do in our current environment which is ultimately controlled through our Subconscious minds. The transitional gate needs to be kept closed at all times, linking our Conscious mind with the much faster subconscious mind.


When something goes wrong with this transitional gate, it becomes quite evident with examples like sleep paralysis, seizures, autism and the list goes on and on.


But then sometimes this transitional gate has to be opened up deliberately, protecting us from the moment like for example.


Previous life events flashing through your mind, moments before a disaster.


A Sixth sense.


And then ultimately there are those moments that our minds just cant hold back on its excitement for example.


Déjà vu.


Have you ever watched a time lapse film of the growth of a flower having taken weeks to record but now revealed in mere moments. I would like to introduce you to such a film maker being none other than Mr. Subconscious mind. Living at the subconscious level he is the one responsible for taking all the films of your life to be screened in your Conscious Mind as a holographic illusion, making you experience your existence as your reality.


I cover holograms in detail on other web-pages.